We have a proven trusted working process that gets results when it comes to quality web design and customer satisfaction

Step 1: The Beginning
We have a chat and you can tell us all about your business and your intended website project plans, this gives us the chance to understand your ideas and make solid and specific notes.

Step 2: Project Pricing
Once we have your ideas and notes we will submit a quotation for the proposed website project that we think will best suit you and your intended budget.

Step 3: You like our price :)
You like our price and project offer, so what are you waiting for? Send us all your content and we will start building for you.
(First stage deposit due)

Step 4: You'll love our design!
We will provide a first stage proof, don't worry if the first design is not quite right, we can tweak and amend this for you within the confines of keeping functionality working.

Step 5: The design is final.
All supplied content is in place and the website fully functional including all search engine meta data ready to be submitted to Bing and Google for indexing.

Step 6: A few tweaks could you just change this?
Yes! Again don't be scared to ask for tweaks and changes, we want you to love your finished website and it's far easier and less disruption to do this at this stage.

Step 7: It's almost there, get connected
All the tweaks are done and your new website is fully functional. The next step is to set up personalised corresponding domain email addresses. These can either be set up in person or remotely for you. We can also send you step by step details so that you can set these up yourself on any device using Outlook (desktop), or Gmail. If you get stuck you can call us on the phone or Skype if you are having problems.

Step 8: Finished! Lets Launch things!
All done, we'll make your new site visible to the World and submit it to Google and Bing. Good times are coming...
(Final stage payment due)

Step 9: Not so fast!
Oh really? Yes, to ensure your lovely new website grows you will need to promote it and let the world know you have a new website. Sharing your website on social media and adding regular engaging content updates will help achieve good search engine rankings.

Step 10: Happiness
With your website live we are able to offer website management solutions in which you can sit back while we manage your website project with regular content updates. If you prefer to be more hands on we can also teach you how to take control. Please see our dedicated website management page for more information.

Winchester Web Design Working Process

Your website is only as good as the content you supply, engaging well written content is key to the success of any high ranking website.


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